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Flash Timing Systems 

You can capture in line scan or video and review while auto capturing.

-Wireless start

-all systems are upgradeable with discounts for prior purchases

-Great software for ease of use

-Works with video boards

-Interfaces with all the top scoring programs

Line scan on the left 1000 FPS / Video 200 FPS on the right

Finish Lynx Timing Systems

Finish Lynx is a line scan system with many options such as a front facing ID camera and wireless starting system.

It is probably the most powerful system on the market and integrates with scoring software and scoreboards

Finish Line Post

Made by RPM

-Great for timing systems with auto capture


-hollow base to add water or sand

Translucent so when the sun goes behind it stay white without a gray shadow like a wooden board.

Camera Stands

 Made by RPM

4 piece for traveling

Set Heights at 6', 8', 10', or 12'.

Tubular base can hold sand or water internally for added weight

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