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Professional Stopwatches and Printing Timers


Ultrak BTS- Bluetooth Stopwatch

The brand new Ultrak BTS is the world's first Bluetooth stopwatch with the ability to connect to your smartphone! This one-of-a-kind timer allows users to quickly and easily transfer timing records from their stopwatch directly to a free app available in the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

The stopwatch also features a countdown timer, pacer, stroke frequency and a full automated calendar

» Compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones

» Supports iOS 7.0 or above

» Supports Bluetooth 4.0 or above

» Stopwatch can measure up to 10 hours in 1/100 second

» Multiple event/segmented memory records and recalls up to 750 dual splits and stores up to 250 individual data blocks

» User profile creation with data keeping and memory recall

» Countdown timer with repeat function and timing range of up to 9 hours, 59 minute, 59 second.

» Programmable pacer from 5 to 240 beeps per minute and up to 10 memory

» Stroke frequency function with memory

» Time, calendar and alarm

» Low battery indication

» Water resistant

» 5-year warranty


ULTRAK 496 - 500 Dual Split Memory

» 500 dual split recallable memory

» Bottom row displays either running event time or running lap time

» Memory recall during operation

» Takes splits during recall mode

» Large three row display

» Measures to ten hours

» Stroke/frequency

» Time and calendar

» Water resistant; lithium battery

» Five-year warranty


Ultrak 495 - 100 Memory Stopwatch

» Large three row display

» Continuous display of event time

» Memory recall during operation

» Takes splits from within recall mode

» Stroke/frequency

» Lithium Battery Measures to 10 hrs

» Time & Calendar

» Water Resistant

» 5-year warranty


ULTRAK 460 - 16 Lap or Split Memory

With 16 memory, users can choose to view either the lap split or cumulative split after each reading. Each reading will be held on the display for 10 seconds when the automatic split release returns the display to the running event time. Users can recall up to 16 splits both during and after event.

» 16 lap or cum split recallable memory

» Measures to 100 hours with 1/1000 second resolution

» Recall and take splits during operation

» Lap counter to 99

» Extra-large display

» Lithium battery (CR2032)

» Water resistant

» Five-year warranty

» Includes lanyard



» Display of cum splits

» Measures to 24 hours

» Large numerical display

» Time and calendar

» Alarm

» Water resistant

» Lithium battery

» Three-year warranty

» Includes Lanyard


SEIKO S057 - 100 Lap Memory Dual Timers

» Two channel countdown timer

» Each channel can be preset for up to 100 hours

» Measurable up to 100 hours in 1/100 of a second

» Split/lap time measurement

» Store and recall of up to 100 split/lap times

» Memory recall and countdown timer can be used during stopwatch operation

» Two separate displays for split and lap time measurements

» On/off confirmation sound

» Dot-matrix mode display

» Time and full automatic calendar

» Battery life indicator

» Automatic shut-off function

» Water resistant


SEIKO S149 - Stopwatch/Printer

» Measurable up to 10 hours in 1/100 of a second

» Split/lap time measurement

» Store and recall of up to 300 split/lap times

» Memory segregated by event

» Multiple event memory

» Memory recall during operation

» Large-sized three row display panel

» Time and automatic calendar

» Prints 13 digits per line

» Printing speed of 1.5 lines per second

» Print is large and clear

» Printout selection of split only or lap times

» Optional paper holder to install larger amount of paper

» Automatic printout of year, month, date and time

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