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Keson Field Event Kit



Two 50' for long and triple jump

One 100' for shot put

One 200' for discus

5. Keson 50' Open-Type Reel Measure Tape


Keson 100' Open-Reel Measure Tape


Keson 200'


Keson 330' Open- Type Reel Measure Tape


Keson Tapes

Open-Type Reel, Ultra-Glass Blade—OTR

The world’s premier fiberglass long tape in a built-for durability housing!

Tough, rubber cushioned shovel handle is easy to grasp.

Designed for the professional trades person. The crank handle is reinforced with metal to provide years of rugged use.

No temperature corrections are needed. Double-throat rollers guide the blade return and prevent the tape from twisting.

Over 42,000 strands of fiberglass for strength & accuracy

Tested against others

There is no equal to

Keson Tapes

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