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Elite Aluminum High School Hurdle

5-height adjustments, 30”-33”-36”- 39”- 42”.
Welded one-piece aluminum base. Exclusive,
built-in, interlocking guides for easy stacking. 
47” board available for IAAF regulations.
(Additional charges will apply. )
Meets H.S. pullover specifications for
all heights and all H.S. federation rules.


Select 1 -or- 2 Colors for your hurdle gate tubes at

available on reverse side of board. Contact an RPM Team Member for more information.


Available Colors: Navy, Orange, Maroon, Royal, Purple,

Red, Green, Natural Aluminum (standard color), Light Gold,

Black, Vegas Gold and White

Also available, HS Rocker, Welded Rocker, 90 Degree High School and International/College 90 Degree Hurdles are also available. Contact an RPM Team Member to learn more.

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