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Quality built discus cages to meet all High School and NCAA re​quirements. We customize cages to fit your throws area.

All of our systems are made of the highest quality 2.85 inch OD 6061 aluminum poles with a 34" rolled offset. We use heavy duty solid core poly vinyl ground tubes that will not corrode and act as glides for our poles allowing them to slide in easily and resist dirt. Our ground sleeve stop bolts and net anchor bolts are stainless steel to resist corrosion. All of our sleeves come with covers to keep the pole and anchor holes clean. Ground level sleeves allow for ease of mowing with no pounding in of stakes that tend to pull loose and wear on netting.

Our main nets are #36 black commercial grade nylon, coated to repel water, and UV protected with a 365 lb breaking strength. The nets have 1-3/4 inch square holes and a 5/16 sewn rope border that adds strength when attaching the top and bottom. Our anchor sleeves and pole tops attach to the nets with cinch straps and spring clips for quick removal. This helps your net move less, hang straight, and last longer by causing less wear on the netting. 

Cages include a 10 year pole warranty and a 3 year net warranty

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