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$250 for an Individual School or Team License

$450 for a Contractor License

Contact us to purchase your license.

license includes:

1. The ability to run waves. You set the time differential.

2. You can also merge and split races with different gender or division for scoring.

3. Multi user interface for up to 5 people on different computers.

4. Connects to many timing systems. IE Lynx, Flash, Eagle eye etc.

5. ID buy bib or bar codes accepted also.

Many Many More options 

Easy Ware is an easy to use software for running all types of TRACK meets, from small dual meets to large, multi-day invitationals with prelims, semis and finals. EASY MEET MANAGER literally does all you need in order to run the best possible meet. You choose the events and data entry is easy either manually or by importing electronic entries. Editing errors couldn't be easier. Heat sheets may be printed and you may print labels with bib numbers barcoded also. During the meet you simply enter the times (no punctuation) next to the name of each competitor or just click to import from a timer and results and award labels are printed immediately. Included in the program is the ability to link to a timer for cross country meets so that all times are automatically entered for you in a matter of seconds. Times are saved on your hard drive too so that the timer can be used for the next race. EASY MEET MANAGER also scores your meet with a variety of options and then prints the complete results at the end. You may also print results of one team or one competitor at a time. In cross country meets, EASY MEET MANAGER not only scores your meet in seconds but also produces statistics on each team showing the average per mile/km for each runner, the top five average, the top seven average and the top five split along with other useful and motivational data.

EASY MEET MANAGER includes the ability to link directly to the FinishLynx photo finish system, the Chronomix Timer, the TimeTech Sprint Eight Timer, The Time Machine, the ULTRAK L-10, DAG chip timing, RFID chip timing, Eagle Eye Photo Timing, Interval 2000 timer, IPICO timing, Flash Video Timing, TimeTronics Video Timing and with the Palm Pilot timer program.

Easy Meet Manager also accepts bib numbers from most bar code readers including the DENSO bar code reader that vibrates briefy when it recognizes a valid code (difficult to hear a beep near the finish line) making missed codes a thing of the past.

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