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Need Custom Replacement Netting?

Nets are priced per square foot 

To estimate costs you will need to figure out your Square footage

Length x Height = Square footage

All nets are twisted knotted nylon with 1-3/4" square mesh and come weather treated for moisture and UV

Custom Netting

 Item #

 Net Strength



 Price per. sq. ft.

 Sewn Border per lin. ft.

 Economy Discus

 Net- 21

 245 lbs

 2s yr




Commercial Disc.

Economy Shot Put

 Net- 36

 365 lbs

 3 yrs




Commercial Shot Put

 Net- 42

 435 lbs

 3 yrs





 Net- 72

 850 lbs

 3 yrs


 $ 1.53


 Ultra Heavy Hammer

 Net- 96

 1,112 lbs

 3 yrs




Also available:


Baseball batting cages, L screens, etc.

Golf netting, all sizes

Hockey arena netting, clear, mono or white nylon