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Drop in Camera Pole with Ground Sleeve

Sale $859.00

Powder Coat in Your School Color


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Camera Stand with Rollaway Base

Breaks down into 4 Separate Pieces for easy storage and travel includes wheels for easy maneuverability.

Sale $1189.00

Stands 12' tall with crossbars at 12', 10' and if you take out the middle section you can be at 8' and 6' for CC or road races

Powder Coat in your School Color $85.00

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Starter Stand

Sale $845.00

All Aluminum

Powder Coated, Silver

Solid Rubber Tires

Finish Line/Timing Post

Now 70" tall for timing with auto capture on.

Remove the plug and add 16 lbs of water (2 gal.) inside the base keeping it stable in the wind.

The post is translucent for a great back ground while timing and when the sun goes behind it the post stays lit up as compared to a wooden post which turns the image background gray.

Sale $119.00