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 Poly Shot Put Toe Board

Sector Markings Built in to the Toe Board

Make your own indoor throwing circle 

with one sheet of plywood.

Aluminum Shot Put Toe Board

Our new NFHS compliant all cast aluminum toe board includes the 34.92 degree sector lines for easy sector placement. It has a 5/16 wall thickness, white powder coat paint, and bolts to the cement pad to accommodate a level circle. It is 4 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide and has an arc length of 48 inches. This toe board works well with our SPCL - shot-put circle with our specially designed safety edge.

Javelin Toe Board

Steel, powder coated- white, hinged

.25'' x 13'1.5'' x 2.75''

Aluminum Shot Put Ring

7' Diameter

1'' x 3/4'' x 1/4''

Anchors Included

 Aluminum Discus Ring

8'2.5'' Diameter

1'' x 3/4'' x 1/4''

Anchors Included

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