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Track and Field Removable Shot Put Cage


$2 ,195.00

14' x 48'

4  Aluminum Pole with Ground Sleeves 
#42, 435 lb. Strength Net with clips and straps
Field Diagram and instructions

Custom Shot Put Cages


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Picture shown is a 6 pole shot put cage with a rear door entry and a three circle fan shaped throwing pad.

Cambridge- Isanti High School



Barrier Net

HS-Shot B


 7' x 53'

 #21 nylon barrier net and hardware to keep spectators back from the main net- Recommended


Locking System



 2 pole locking system with cable to connect all poles together


Pulley System

HS-Shot pul


 4 pole pulley system to raise the net


Replacement Netting


 Main net replacement for HS-Shot