RPM Athletics

     Track & Field Equipment and Timing

                    Accu- Check Basic


                         Implement certification Kit


Includes: 1K, 1.6K Discus Gauge, 4K, 12lb  Shot Put Gauge, 4 Spike Gauges, Scale and Locking Carrying Case

                     Accu- Check College

                     Implement certification Kit


Includes: 1K, 1.6K, and 2K Discus Gauge, 4K, 12lb, and 16lb Shot Put Gauge, 6 Spike Gauges, Scale and Locking Carrying Case

Individual gauges


1K Discus Gauge                $99.00

1.6K Discus Gauge             $99.00

2K Discus Gauge                $99.00

12lb Shot Put                      $89.00

4k Shot Put                         $89.00

16lb Shot Put                       $89.00


Scale 55lb                          $95.00

Spike Gauge                      $9.95

1/8'', 3/16'', 1/4'', 3/8'' and wrench slot